I'm watching justin trudeau on television. that's why i wasn't 'assigned' to his answers

This is enough to make the student come out of the house in front of the sitting Prime Minister, but Charlotte Kiddell, a student at St. Vincent’s University, did so Kiddell recently sat with Justin Trudeau as part of CBC We were able to catch up with Kiddell in order to get a better idea of this experience. The next survey was edited for brevity

I think that for me, the propensity for propaganda came from wanting to take care of others. She has been behaving many times with my friends and peers, who felt undundant and underestimation, young women who feared that their voices would be heard, students were on the verge of tears, because they could not do all of this-I realize that a part of the care of the people I love could fight to improve their lives

From now on, I founded a Feminist MSVU team, was chosen by the Women’s Representative in the Nova Scotia Canadian Federation of Students (CFS-NS) and successfully represented MSVU students in the Governing Council. From one day to the next, I spoke for the students in the campus and in my province to scold our Prime Minister about an accessible post-education education on behalf of all Canadian students

But for me, the political one always starts with a personal one. One in ten Canadians, a conversation with Prime Minister Trudeau, Nicky Fraser, told me in the morning that she had not attended university due to a lack of tuition fees and lack of funding. If she hadn’t shared that experience, I would have had no personal connection and courage to say something before Mr Trudeau

Personal data makers specifically looked for a student in Nova Scotia, as Nova Scotian students are currently in a particularly poor situation. Our provincial government, under the leadership of the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education of Kelly Regan, during the spring of 2015, regulated tuition fees by using poorly designed tuition fees. As a result, many students from Nova Scotia will see that their education is growing from the third highest in the country to the highest level

Since then, Nova Scotian graduates have been struggling to get their government

“ Students always struggle for our government and institutions to understand that education is a right. We just don’t always do it with national television. “

I could not imagine anyone changing this opportunity to face the Prime Minister, but I knew that I had a unique opportunity to raise the collective voice of the student movement on the national platform. The dialogue I had with Trudeau is one of the students in the country every day. Students always fight for our government and institutions to understand that education is a right. We just don’t always make it national television

The producers were very adamant, that we represent ourselves and our concerns are authentic, therefore not censorship and control of our participation. When I first was chosen for this opportunity, I asked a couple of questions about what I can ask our Prime Minister and why these questions are important to me. Then it was a free reign. This is the moment in which I have the highest respect for the Office of the Prime Minister. Trudeau hardly knew anything about how we were going to this process: only our first names and our common area of interest (for example, “Charlotte, post-secondary education”)

I have two main disappointments with the Prime Minister’s responses. When I asked whether the Government would finance education for all indigenous students, as was their right, he had taken the opportunity to do so in its 2016 budget, even though he had already taken the decision, saying that his Government would accept all the recommendations

I was also disappointed with his “distorting” answers. I understand that the needs and problems of Canadians are diverse. Since I understand that there are no single common solutions, I would respect the answers, recognizing that some of our problems were not a priority, even though I disagree. For Trudeau to devalue our fears about such guarantees as “I look at it”, a defect in his government’s inaction, which I found to be disrespectful, both politically and personally

I think that the evaluation of the effectiveness of our federal government should go beyond the only political will. When we speak of the accountability of our Government, I believe it is important to consider how our Government works at all levels now and how it can work better. The liberal party is brought up

“I believe that the evaluation of the effectiveness of our federal government should go beyond the only political figure.”

I now see that Trudeau is taking steps in the right direction. He has, of course, made post-secondary education the main issue of his campaign and its announcement

My deepest regret is at the end of the interview. If you are

The concern about this phrase is that women, indigenous and other marginalized people are asking for our own performance. And because of their marginal positions, their responses are often not respected or heard. I expressed the hope that our feminist Prime Minister would see his unique platform and responsibility for having these voices and questions in national dialogue rather than relying on a simple sound

Before my interview, I was thinking about doing this, but I thought he was eventually confused and distracted me from my focus on access to post-secondary education. When he closed our conversation with that statement, I couldn’t believe my luck, the ability to solve this problem with myself. In my unexpected situation, I froze, and our ten minutes were ready. If I went back to that room with him, I’d say anything I just told you about, and then press it to find a new phrase in the future

I have one post for a study that I work 12 hours a week. Together with this provision, I am a tutor independently and for the English Department of Mount. I am a representative of the Governing Board of my student council and a representative of a woman in the Nova Scotia Canadian Federation of Students

While it is difficult to balance such schedules as my total underemployment, I realize that many students do not have the same job opportunities as mine. The fact that work for many hours in school is necessary for most students needs to learn more about how our college and university system in this country is not available to many

As youth employment and competition in the labour market increase, I see that students are under pressure to absorb a large number of volunteers and jobs

Another dangerous trend I have noticed is that student support services are often the first in a basket when public funding for our schools is cut. This has resulted in students such as me taking steps to fill in gaps such as the establishment of peer support groups or participation in learning by consent. It’s a very thin line, if it exists at all, between my private and academic life, because the students I can work with with my lawyer are the most passionate, insightful and supportive people I know. I’m genuinely saying I like to be part of the student movement

I am unsure of telling someone how to better defend their rights. I’m not an expert at all that someone else has lived, so I can’t determine the best way to support myself. However, I believe that the National Indigenous Forum in the Canadian Federation of Students is actively behind in this country, and the leaders at the meeting are experts in advocacy

“Don’t be afraid to cause despotic shit when you see him!”

For all the students, I hope that you look around you and find something that you really are passionate about. What is one problem that appears in your head every day? It may be mental health, environmental justice, or better nutrition in the cafeteria. I would never be involved in promoting accessible post-secondary education if I wasn’t interested in promoting gender equality on campus

First of all, you know that your cares are important, your voice is valuable, and you deserve to be heard. The systems of oppression were perpetuated, partly because those who were disadvantaged in the system were taught that they had no sense to speak. That’s not true

Finally, don’t be afraid to cause some depressing shit when you see him!

Immediately after I met with Trudeau, I joined the Canadian Federation of Students during the Lobby of the Week, during which some 40 students met with almost 200 deputies and senators to introduce us

I believe that the highest priority of the Government should be to provide access to post-education education to all indigenous students without costs. This commitment, which the Liberal Party has already made in its commitment to respect the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, is already a contractual right promised by the Government of Canada

I recently heard that Catherine Martin (Catherine Martin), presiding over Mount, and the indigenous leader, said: “We have lived in accordance with our treaty obligations for the last 250 years, and the other side has not.”

As Justin Trudeau has told me, “it is not only about the future of the indigenous communities, but also the future of our country.” The indigenous population is the fastest growing population in Canada, and it is time for our Government to commit itself to helping this group of the population, rather than to continue for 500 years of colonial oppression and destruction

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