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40 seniors get it The Park-Stipennit is from North Carolina State University More than 2,000 students apply for this very competitive study. The winners are students who show Leadership, success in tracking and returning communities The programme, which began in 1996, provides an educational opportunity for talented students. T The purpose of the program is to develop students who will return to school North Carolina and the world. Scholarship “Park Scholarship” offers winners of a scholarship for four years up to $10500 for tuition fees and up to $200,000 for tuition without state training. This money is paid for tuition and payment, housing, books and consumables, travel expenses and personal expenses Money is also for students who can participate in research projects and conferences. Students are required to take at least 30 credits per year and meet high academic expectations. All the students who are the finalists to receive a scholarship of $10,000 from the State of the Chk is not the same Each student receives a mentor who helps them prepare for studies, internships, graduates and national scholarships. Freshman students meet once a week to talk about the other t and learn about resources in the NC state. Examples: To include religious diversity or future work in North Carolina

Students take part in the collective building at the beginning of their first year and at the end of their senior year. During the year’s freshmen year, older students help freshman students to prepare for this year. Students take part in various group operations to create skills such as teamwork and communication. During the senior year of the programme, students choose one of America’s national parks to organize the retreat. During the retreat, students discuss their experience in the Park Scholarships program, as well as in the state of NK and plan their future

In the course of the training, students discuss a problem that affects the state of North Carolina and the nation. Students take part in field visits and meet with leaders involved in these issues Leadership Academy Four-year programme t To help students develop their leadership skills. Students are talking about topics such as command management, decision making, and public speaking. Public relations initiatives Students work with organizations in the community to discuss problems and create programs to solve them. The annex for Park Scholarships Park and NC State underwriting diplomas are separate. Students are required to apply for admission to the state of ChK until October 15 In order to gain access to the application, students are required to receive a recommendation from the secondary school. Each school can recommend two students If the student does not receive recommendations and considers that they are well suited, they can still apply as a “self-approved” student 25 October. They should be the starting point names of two recommendations, information about padded classes, and two personal messages The NC state selects the students affects their community and the thief The program offers many opportunities for students after graduation. Graduates of the program continue to study in such schools as Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford. They are work for large companies and volunteers like Teach for America and the Peace Corps. If you think you’re a leader and believe in it You have what you need, this is a great scholarship you can address